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    Since 2016 more than 600 youngsters without a social and/or professional occupation

  • Project leaders:

    Peace and Sport France

  • Peace and Sport’s role:

    • Forge a network and transmit the positive values of sport to promote social integration and cohesion between youngsters in France.
    • Involve Champions for Peace and high-level athletes as role models to inspire participants.
    • Use the positive effects of structured sports practice to develop skills that are useful for professional integration.
    • Support individuals in the construction of (pre)professional projects with the help of professional integration consultants.
    • Life-skills teaching through our Sport Simple Manual

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  • Boxing, climbing
  • Peace and Sport forges social links through sport and promotes social cohesion and professional integration of youngsters in active life
  • Educators help beneficiaries to learn about the values of sport which can be transposed to a professional environment.
  • The positive values of sport are implemented on the ground and form the basis of programs led by local physical education teachers
  • The benefits of playing sport are physically incarnated by our Champions for Peace, active or retired top-level sportsmen and women that are true sources of inspiration for the program’s participants

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