Innovative action of the year

Peace and Sport Awards 2020

Innovative Action of the Year

rewards an individual or an organization who uses new technologies or which develops innovative ways to promote sport as a tool for sustainable peace, education and social development.

“Sa7ti Friyadt” project (Empowerment through sport)

Fitness, Yoga and Basketball I Morroco

Present in 14 cities across Morocco, TIBU Maroc uses the power of sport to design social and innovative solutions in the field of education, empowerment and socio-economic inclusion. The “Sa7ti Friyadti” (Empowerment through sport) program provides sport education in distance, and contributes to improve the educational offer for youth in disadvantaged communities. TIBU Marco developed guide that focus on nutrition, physical activities and support for mental health. Its content is disseminated through technological tools that allow direct interaction with the beneficiaries and their families up to 3 times per week.

Online SAMBO Cup

Sambo I Worldwide

The International Sambo Federation organized the first Online SAMBO Cup, an innovative format of sporting competition intended to be both informative and entertaining. The Cup was held online on a specific digital platform to overcome the Covid-19 restrictions and united the Sambo community during difficult times. The event showcased equality and diversity, allowing for the first time in a Sambo event, athletes of any gender, age or weight to compete against one another using a special virtual competition format. It also promoted education and motivation, providing the opportunity to learn the English terminology of the sport and to participate in online quizzes.


Fitness I Switzerland

FLAG21 is a Geneva based association that uses sport to empower refugees and migrants and foster their social inclusion. The FLAG21@Home initiative was launched to maintain the community alive despite the physical distance imposed by the pandemic. Online workout sessions, developed by coaches with refugee background, were released once a week in the 5 different languages spoken by most of refugees’ communities in Geneva. The initiative allowed the coaches to gain autonomy and confidence, developing soft skills as well as technical skills such as video editing. An authentic team spirit was built during the program, creating new bonds between coaches from various communities and genders.