Sport, a key tool for strengthening national unity in Mali


  • Countries:


  • Countries and dates:

    2014 to 2015

  • Beneficiaries:

    3,000 children and young people

  • Impact:

    5,000 people (parents, relatives and communities)

  • Project leaders:

    Peace and Sport and National Olympic and Sports Committee of Mali (CNOSM)

  • Peace and Sport’s role:

    • Send a container of three tons of sports equipment to the country, to be distributed by the National Olympic Committee of Mali in sports centres and used by 2,000 young people
    • Provide a Peace and Sport project coordinator to support the implementation and monitoring of the entire project
    • Technical guidance and expertise,financial and material support for local stakeholders and the implementation and their projects and events
    • Capacity building for directors and instructors addressing the long-term management, implementation and execution of the program
    • Build sustainable collaboration between the local actors and sports federations
    • Promoting the use of the Sport Simple Manual across the country

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Mali has suffered a major political, economic and social crisis since armed groups tried to seize control of the country in 2012. In Northern Mali, various armed militia groups wreaked terror among civilians despite international military intervention. This long period of insecurity had far-reaching repercussions on the development and stability of the country, which has since endured intense social tension. Because of this situation, young people in the country face an even greater lack of professional opportunities and are at great risk of indoctrination.

Rugby, volleyball, climbing, karate, taekwondo, judo, football tennis

  • Wider access to sports activities via the implementation of new sports activities and adapted sports in schools and youth centres
  • Developing and sustaining education through sport projects led by Malian sport authorities
  • Use of sport as a tool to tackle specific issues: the centres use various sporting activities to strengthen dialogue and social cohesion among Malian youth
  • Development of a partnership dynamic, by strengthening ties between stakeholders of the sports movement and the peace movement
  • Promotion of sporting values: Self-control, respect, taking initiative and self-confidence

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