Solidarity action through sport



  • France


  • 2014 to 2015


  • 1 000 young people in care at 50 centres run by France’s National Association of Research and Solidarity Action (ANRAS)


  • 3 000 people (parents, families and communities)

Project leaders

  • Peace and Sport and ANRAS

Peace and Sport’s role

  • Supporting ANRAS staffin the development, roll-out and monitoring of the program within its centres
  • Capacity building for ANRAS professionals through training sessions targeting physical education and sports instructors, socio-sport educators and social workers
  • Sharing Peace and Sport’s tools and expertise with ANRAS to facilitate the use of the Sport Simple Manual and develop education, integration and socialization through sport activities.

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ANRAS is a social welfare and health-oriented association which manages more than 50 centres and services. Some of its establishments are youth-oriented, such as Maisons d’Enfants à Caractère Social (youth care institutions), Centres Educatifs et Professionnels (education and training centres) and Instituts Thérapeutiques, Educatifs et Pédagogiques (care, education and teaching institutions). Various minors and young adults from a range of backgrounds live or spend time together at these centres. Some have had difficulties with education and integration, others have committed offences (and been placed in ANRAS centres as an alternative to prison), and some are immigrants who have been referred to the centres by French social services.

The program comprises more than a dozen sports such as football, horse riding, climbing, athletics and basketball.

  • Increasing access to sport: Most ANRAS centres and staff are involved in this umbrella program and organize regular sporting activities
  • Integrating persons in ANRAS care in civil society: Using sport as a tool, the activities developed within the program have enabled ANRAS to continue and strengthen its efforts in education, integration and socialization
  • Promoting educational values: Through the regular practice of sporting activities, the young people and adults supported by ANRAS have developed know-how and interpersonal skills which help them in their day-to-day lives
  • Boosting cooperation between the centres and different age groups: Dialogue, exchange and social cohesion is well established within and between the different centres run by ANRAS

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