Peace on the street

France (Nice)

  • Country:

    France (Nice)

  • Dates:


  • Beneficiaries:

    70 children and young people aged 6-17 who attend educational centres run by Centre d’Étude et d’Actions Sociales (CEAS)

  • Impact:

    150 people (parents, families and communities)

  • Project leaders:

    Peace and Sport and Espace Famille department of CEAS

  • Peace and Sport’s role:

    • Provide technical expertise, lead Sport Simple workshops and implement sport simple activities to youngsters who are part of the CEAS Espace Famille centre
    • Capacity building for CEAS staff: organization of seminars for sports instructors, social workers and young members of Espace Famille
    • Organize workshops aimed at encouraging inter-generational skills transfer

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CEAS is located in northern Nice, in the Vallon des Fleurs neighbourhood. This area is home to a large number of families and individuals affected by vulnerability, isolation and socio-economic hardship. Young people in the area face a lack of sporting facilities and spaces for structured activities, leading to idleness and delinquency. To tackle this problem, the Espace Famille department of CEAS plays a major role in promoting local community life and providing support to the young people outside of school hours. The organization involves locals in staging neighbourhood meals, open-air cinemas, music festivals and cultural outings.

More than a dozen sports including athletics, fencing, basketball and floorball

  • Strengthen the skills and capacities of Espace Famille staff members
  • Increase access to sporting activities for youngsters
  • Create stronger ties between children of different ages: Taking part in sport activities and enabling activities between different age groups encourages interaction, exchange and solidarity among the youngsters
  • Promote educational values: the practice of sport activities combines unifying values and a sense of community
  • Host of an event with Espace Famille in the framework of children’s rights week. The event gathered children from various schools in Nice.

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