Using sport as a medium for conveying values in lawless areas

Israel-Palestine area

  • Countries:

    Israel-Palestine area

  • Dates:

    2011 to 2013

  • Beneficiaries:

    700 children and young people in 10 youth centres

  • Impact:

    2 000 people reached (families, schools and communities)

  • Project leaders:

    Peace and Sport and 2 non-governmental organizations: Jerusalem Suburb Community Centre – JSCC, and Centre for Applied Research in Education – CARE

  • Peace and Sport’s role:

    • Technical support for the two international and national federations and the two NGO partners within the 10-youth centres located in Jerusalem
    • Co-development of a chess tournament as part of the ‘Chess for Leadership and Creativity’ project rolled out in the 10 centres and intended for young women to help them build self-confidence
    • Co-development of a table tennis tournament as part of the ‘Ping Pong Salam’ program rolled out in the 10 centres, enabling young Israelis and Palestinians to come together around the same table
    • Financial support for the NGOs, JSCC and Care Palestine to help them structure their activities and ensure the sustainability of their actions
    • Building sustainable collaboration between the field actors and sports federations
    • Training for instructors at the centres to encourage the development of new sports and diversification of sporting activities

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Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, successive wars and territorial changes of Palestine and Israel have taken place. Today, the official borders are still a bone of contention and the barrier separating the two territories does not always reflect the established boundaries, as is the case for the city of Jerusalem. Within Jerusalem, on the Palestinian side of the wall, these areas are considered “lawless” zones.

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