Sport, a key tool for integration and socialization among Colombian youth



  • Colombia


  • 2009 to 2014


  • 5 000 children and young people from disadvantaged areas


  • 10 000 people reached (families, schools and communities)

Project leaders

  • Peace and Sport and 6 non-governmental organizations managing 25 youth centers

Peace and Sport’s role

  • Support of 6 NGOs, help them to diversify their sources of funding through the development of income-generating activities and ensure that their actions are self-financed in the long term
  • Technical support for the 6 NGOs to structure and implement field projects within their 25 centres, with assistance from sports federations
  • Capacity-building on the theme of “developing sports activities and using them as a social and educational tool”: eight training sessions for 30 youth leaders at the centres through Peace and Sport’s federation partners
  • Financial support for NGOs Colombianitos in 2009 and Fundamor in 2013 and 2014 in order to help them structure their activities and develop a financial model to ensure the long-term sustainability of their actions

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Colombia continues to endure the longest (almost 5O years) and most complet armed conflict in Latin America. The burgeoning drug trade in the 1980s intensified the conflict, pitting the Colombian army against FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and paramilitary groups.

The situation has triggered massive displacements of civilians. Unable or not wanting to return to their home communities, many people are now living in the outskirts of large Colombian cities often affected by education, integration and social problems.

Table tennis, chess, badminton, gymnastics, baseball, ju-jitsu, frisbee, athletics

  • Wider access to sporting activities: new sporting activities have been rolled out at the NGO’s youth centres located in disadvantaged areas of the country
  • Use of sport as a tool to address targeted issues: the multi-sport centres today use a wide range of sporting activities to strengthen dialogue and social cohesion among young people from diverse backgrounds
  • Development of a partnerships dynamic: relations have been strengthened between Colombian sports movement stakeholders and actors of the peace movement, enabling them to devise and implement joint peace through sport projects
  • Promotion of sporting values

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