19/05/2017 - 15:04

The 2017 UNFP – Peace and Sport Trophy: the winner of the third edition is… FC Dammarie Les Lys!

The third UNFP – Peace and Sport Trophy was presented last night at the 26th UNFP (French National Union of Professional Soccer) awards ceremony, which took place at the FC Dammarie Les Lys club. The prize was given as a recompense for its development program encouraging a policy of non-violence and providing support for children in their education.

Elected by a jury of experts, the UNFP – Peace and Sport Trophy brings to light actions for peace, international solidarity and the reconciliation of communities through football. It identifies emerging projects from amateur football and helps them develop by giving financial, logistical and media support.

In order to stem the violence in football, particularly in the Paris region, FC Dammarie Les Lys, which has 434 members, has chosen to use football as a tool for education and prevention. The club now has a mediator whose work is not to supervise football training, but to coach and mediate between young members of the club to meet the challenges of teaching Football without violence. To demonstrate its total commitment to this cause, the club chaired by Mr. Fernando Ferreira has taken the strong decision to close the club’s senior sections in order to focus on youngsters as an essential element of the club’s new identity.

The EDF electricity company, historically committed to sport for all, is the main partner of this third edition of the UNFP – Peace and Sport Trophy and its only donor.

Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport said “Peace and Sport has been using sport as a tool for peace for 10 years now.  I congratulate the winning club, FC Dammarie Les Lys. Their success and their example should inspire others to show that football can go beyond sport and contribute to peace. I would especially like to thank UNFP, which, for the third year running, has used Peace and Sport’s expertise to support amateur clubs in this initiative and move them forward. I am also most grateful to EDF – a company that shares our vision and our values – for its financial support.”

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