13/11/2023 - 17:40

Sport as a catalyst for global peace: insights from the Paris Peace Forum

The 2023 Paris Peace Forum sport was placed at the epicenter of peace and global cooperation discussions.

Peace and Sport participated to highlight the role of sports in fostering peace and building a fairer and more equal world. Our booth in the Forum’s Space for Solutions emerged as a hub of innovation and collaboration. Through dynamic presentations, interactive exhibits, and engaging discussions, we aimed to demonstrate how Sport can serve as a tool for positive change both on a global and grassroots level.

We presented the Peacemakers Project as a multifaceted solution, providing global mentoring to engage stakeholders in implementing peace through sports programs. Based on a bottom-up approach, this solution offers comprehensive support in responding to the expressed needs and adapting to local contexts.

Empowering youth through sport

Stepping into the spotlight was Marlene Harnois, representative of the Champions for Peace Club. In a session dedicated to the power of youth in tackling today’s challenges, she shed light on the transformative potential of sports in shaping younger generations. By instilling qualities such as discipline, resilience, and teamwork, sports contribute to individual development and well-being and lay the foundations for a more engaged youth, fostering interconnected and inclusive communities.

Training educators to build a culture of peace

As part of a conversation dedicated to Sports for inclusive and sustainable societies, Ludovic Dau, Head of Programs, underscored the vital role of educators in leveraging sports to construct a culture of peace. He emphasized the importance of training them to utilize sports to teach tolerance, respect, and understanding values.

Jean-Jérôme Perrin-Mortier, CEO, declared: “It is essential to place Sport at the heart of global peace conversations. When used to achieve social goals by trained educators, Sports can play a major role in conflict prevention. It also contributes to reconciling divided communities as a common language that transcends barriers and differences.”

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