07/09/2017 - 08:06

Running the Vercors Ultra-Trail for the children of Madagascar

Peace and Sport, the politically-neutral organization aimed at promoting sport as a tool for peace, launches a new “I Move For Peace” campaign with Jérôme Roux, amateur sportsman, for the benefit of children of Madagascar.

On September 9th, Jérôme Roux will run the Ultra-Trail of Vercors, French Alpes. This mountain enthusiast has chosen to give the sporting challenge a solidarity dimension. He will run 87 kilometers and positive ascent of 4,300 meters to raise funds for sport education program developed by Peace and Sport and Pachamama association created by Champion for Peace Jean-François Tordo in Madagascar.

Jérôme Roux said: “I strongly believe in the values of sport as a tool for integration and education in society. The idea of running for a ‘good’ cause has often come to my mind. Peace and Sport contacted me to become ‘Peace Mover’. The aim is to mobilize the general public, through a sporting challenge, around the peace through sport movement and to raise funds to finance field projects. ”

I Move for Peace is a program that enables every active and would-be sportsperson to put their sporting challenge at the service of fundraising for Peace and Sport’s field programs. Concretely, Jean-François Tordo, former captain of the French rugby team, created since 10 years a rugby training center that can host 300 children in Antananarivo. The activities aim to encourage young people to gain self-confidence, to grow, to take responsibility and to continue their studies so that they can eventually take over the development of their country. Funds raised by the Peace Mover Jérôme Roux will be used to finance post-training meals, sports equipment and its renewal, and health monitoring of children.

To support Jérôme Roux’s “I move for Peace” initiative, visit his page:



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