19/05/2018 - 22:31

Peace and Sport arrives in Ghana to promote the positive values of sport for peace

As part of Peace and Sport’s ongoing efforts to use sport as a tool for positive social change in West Africa, the international organization delivered a one-day lecture on “Peace and Sport” in Accra, Ghana. The event which was organized by 9BS Group counted with the presence of Mr. Joel Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport who addressed a conglomerate of business and investments groups.

During the event, Mr. Bouzou claimed: “Peace and Sport and 9BS Group have reached a milestone in the peace through sport movement. For the first time an international investment group developing operations in Ghana has understood that by collaborating and investing in sport for peace actions it is possible to generate positive impacts for both society and their own businesses.”

Across the lecture, Peace and Sport explained its ‘Sport Simple Solutions’ concept, which sees sports venues, equipment and rules adapted to accommodate limited resources or harsh environments. The aim is to promote a peace-through-sport approach, and show that sport really can be played anywhere.

The Chairman of 9BS Group Mr. Vairi Wabadang explained: “By investing in ‘Sport Simple’ in the East of Ghana, lasting social cohesion will be established which in return will create good conditions for businesses to flourish.”

Sport Simple’ can offer through sport the opportunity to youngsters from underprivileged places to open their minds, become better citizens and get access to information and to new jobs.

In the framework of the event, Peace and Sport appointed Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo, Chairman of Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA) as Peace and Sport Ambassador for West Africa. For many years, the newly appointed Ambassador has been a national football administration leader committed to mobilize champions as role models in order to attract children to sport programs.

«After having been involved over the last three decades in football, latest as the leader of professional clubs, I feel this position will be a turning point in my long career and in my life. I will work hard with all sports organizations in Ghana to make peace through sport a permanent reality. I invite sports leaders to join me in this new approach and I also ask the media to support my actions », affirmed Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo.

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