18/08/2016 - 10:38

Peace and Sport teams up with Lilo

Discover a new way to support Peace and Sport without changing your everyday habits!
Peace and Sport has joined forces with Lilo, the search engine that finances social projects, to develop its crowdfunding revenues.

Thanks to the Peace and Sport community, Lilo will finance peace through sport projects around the world. You can act to create change for free!

Contribute now to the organization of the Friendship Games by going to

What is Lilo ?

A useful search engine: thanks to Lilo, you can act to create change for free, simply by doing your everyday searches!

Revenue forwarded in the form of donations: free for you, we forward more than 50% of the search engines advertising revenue to excellent social and environmental projects of your choice.

An effective search engine that protects you: we use the technology of the largest search engines. Lilo protects your privacy by not collecting information and by acting against advertisement tracking.

One search = one drop of water: every time you search with Lilo, you earn a drop of water. You can then choose which project will receive your drop of water. Each drop of water counts!

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