06/11/2018 - 16:19

Peace and Sport promotes social business through sport in the symbolic city of Hiroshima

On November 5th and 6th the city of Hiroshima organized the 2018 World Business Conference for World Peace, and one session dealt with “Achieving Peace through the Power of Sports.” On that occasion Peace and Sport took the floor to highlight the importance of investing in social business through sport.

As part of the global efforts to promote worldwide peace, the city of Hiroshima hosted the third edition of the World Business Conference for World Peace with ten sessions and with the presence of more than 50 high-level speakers including Jacques Attali, social theorist and Founder of Positive Planet, Stuart Hart who is Steve Grossman Endowed Chair, and Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hidehiko Yuzaki.

Sport for development and peace was one of the key themes highlighted during this two-day event. Peace and Sport Communications and Outreach Manager, Lorena Rodríguez claimed: “we need to use Tokyo2020 as a momentum to send a strong message to the international community including the business sector to invest in sustainable peace through sport projects.”

Alongside Peace and Sport, moderator Aya Noguchi (Assistant Professor, Juntendo University) and speakers Mie Kajikawa (Founder and Representative Director, Sport For Smile), Kazuhiko Saito (Professor, Hiroshima University), Dai Tamesue (Chief Administrative Officer, Athletesociety) and Shohei Higuchi (Managing Director, Little Bridge) reflected around the role of sport as a mean to promote peace and a positive social legacy before and after Tokyo2020.

Other strategical topics were discussed at the Conference including “How We Deal with Meteorological Disasters from Climate Change and How It Contributes to the World“, “Positive altruism for peace“ and “Commitment to Education for Lasting Peace in the New Era“.

More information on the World Business Conference for World Peace website here.

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