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10/05/2021 - 16:02

Peace and Sport inaugurates the international program “Peacemakers Project” with the support of prestigious partners

Building on its expertise in the field of peace through sport and the success of the digitization of its methodology through the mobile application Peace and Sport by MyCoach, Peace and Sport is rolling out the “Peacemakers Project” internationally. For the first year, the project will be conducted in partnership with 10 organizations with strong local roots in 10 countries. Each of them was selected for the work they do on a daily basis to improve the living conditions of communities thanks to peace-through-sport programs.

Through a bottom-up approach , the Peacemakers Project will address various social issues. For its implementation, it will rely on the application developed by Peace and Sport in partnership with MyCoach and on the expertise of the selected organizations: Terres-en-Mêlées, COP-Colombia, Fundación ADA, TIBU-Maroc, the National Olympic Committee of Burundi, All Black Hong-Kong, Naandi Foundation, APJS, AKWOS and RFI Clubs. In order to best meet their needs, Peace and Sport will accompany them in the coming months, from the training of peace educators to the impact assessment related to the realities on the ground.

To conduct their field programs and measure their impact, these organizations will use the Peace and Sport x MyCoach mobile application; an innovative digital solution that trains peace educators and which content has already been tested in the Great Lakes region of Africa and in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. This tool provides peace-through-sport training sessions, annual scalable content, planning, monitoring and evaluation tools.

At the end of two years of continuous training, 200 peace educators supervising nearly 2,000 children will have been trained using the methodology developed by the Organization. In addition, Peace and Sport, in partnership with leading universities, will monitor and evaluate the impact of each program.

Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, said:

“The “Peacemakers Project” aims to support organizations that work for peace using sport as a main tool in their approach. Peace and Sport is proud to make its know-how available to selected organizations through the Peace and Sport by MyCoach application and an M&E program created in collaboration with leading universities. We are also pleased to note the appeal of this program to prestigious partners such as Danone, who will support the sustainability of this ambitious international program.”

The Peacemakers Project benefits from the support of socially committed partners, notably the Danone group, through the Danone Nations Cup.

Florence Bossard, Danone Brand Marketing Director, added:

“We are all facing these unprecedented times, and now, more than ever, is the time to join forces. For 20 years, the Danone Nations Cup has been much more than an international soccer competition, encouraging participants and partners to take action to make a positive impact in their communities. Playing sports in these troubled times is crucial for the physical and mental health of children around the world. The DNC is pleased to support the Peacemakers Project and to be able to help set up the infrastructure that will allow children to continue learning about life through sport via coaches who are experts in the rules of the game but who are also sensitive to and aware of the values surrounding this sport, such as respect, inclusiveness, and solidarity in victories as well as in defeats.”

About the Peace and Sport x MyCoach mobile application

Peace and Sport by My Coach is an application through which peace-through-sport educators teach a method using the structuring values of sport to build peace. The Peace and Sport by My Coach app allows educators to easily access the methodology no matter where they are or what program they are working on. Educators benefit from a reliable, modern and easy-to-use method that fits into their work cycle and is constantly updated with new content. For the first time, the educational content in the Media Center tab is presented as instructional videos and digital documents.
In his latest report on the contribution of sport to the 2030 Agenda, the UN Secretary General identified the Peace and Sport Methodology and its mobile application Peace and Sport x MyCoach as examples of innovative initiatives.

About the Danone Nations Cup (

The Danone Nations Cup is the world’s largest soccer tournament for children, boys and girls, aged 10 to 12. Organized by Danone since 2000, the competition brings together millions of players every year.
More than just an international competition, the Danone Nations Cup is a life experience that contributes to making players citizens of the world and promoting societal change through football: this ambition is reflected in the signature “Play Football, Change the Game”. The competition allows children from all over the world to discover new places and new cultures while promoting values such as respect, humanism, fair play and openness. The Danone Nations Cup also promotes access to clean water in schools, health, inclusion and respect of environment in the hope of inspiring tomorrow’s generation to go further as Global Citizens for positive societal change.

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