04/08/2023 - 12:54

Peace and Sport contributes to the legacy of the Kinshasa 2023 Games of La Francophonie

Peace and Sport supports the organizers of major sporting events in implementing legacy programs focused on sport as a vector of living together and peace. On the occasion of the Francophone Games Kinshasa 2023, Champion for Peace Benjamin Boukpeti, Olympic medalist, raised awareness among young athletes about their positive impact on society.  

Major sporting events bringing together thousands of people of different origins are a unique opportunity to capitalize on the power of sport as an instrument of dialogue and inclusion. Organizing Committees and Host Cities need to build legacy programs that incorporate the knowledge and experience of grassroots stakeholders and athletes to have a lasting impact on local communities and beyond.  

 On the occasion of the IX Games of La Francophonie (Kinshasa, July 28-August 6, 2023), Peace and Sport signed a partnership agreement with the International Committee of the Games of La Francophonie (CIJF) and the National Committee of the Games of Francophonie (CNJF) to contribute to the legacy of this major event by raising awareness among young people and allowing them to understand better how sport can act in favor of society.  

 The organizers of the Games of La Francophonie relied on the expertise of Peace and Sport and its bottom-up approach to offer young athletes and their coaches and companions the possibility of becoming actors of development through sport. In this context, the Champion for Peace and Olympic medalist, Benjamin Boukpeti, went to Kinshasa to inspire and raise awareness among young people about the power of sport. Benjamin was able to share his experience regarding the athletes’ role and the intentional use of sport as a lever for transmitting values of peace.  

 President and Founder of Peace and Sport, Joël Bouzou, said: “The organizers of major sporting events can no longer content themselves with delivering a successful competition. They must be aware of the great opportunity they provide to the host communities and beyond to generate societal impact. Peace and Sport supports organizing committees and host cities in setting up legacy programs focusing on sport as a vehicle for peace. The partnership with the CIJF and the CNJF within the framework of the Francophone Games Kinshasa 2023 is an example of good practice in this sense, and we are proud to have contributed to the legacy of this major event”.  

 For the Champion for Peace Benjamin Boukpeti: “It is essential that athletes understand from an early age the positive impact they can have on society. Events such as the Games of La Francophonie are the perfect opportunity to help them better understand that sport is a powerful tool in the service of development and peace. As a Champion for Peace, It brings me great joy to have played a part in increasing awareness among French-speaking youths by sharing my personal experiences. Through this, I aim to show them that the valuable skills gained as an athlete, such as tolerance, discipline, and respect, can be utilized for building a culture of peace in society.” 

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