03/08/2020 - 10:14

Peace and Sport becomes the Charity Partner of International Canoe Federation’s Paddle Challenge

Peace and Sport, the international organization based in Monaco, which promotes peace using the power of sport, will partner with the International Canoe Federation to raise funds for its field programs on the occasion of the “ICF Paddle Challenge”.

Peace and Sport join the ICF’s“Paddle Challenge” launched to encourage professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to participate in a virtual competition not only to stay healthy and active, but also to raise money for a good cause. Peace and Sport is identified as Charity Partner as its mission to build peaceful communities through the power of sport, and thereby create a safer, more equitable and inclusive world is in line with the ICF’s willingness to combine sport practice with social engagement in the framework of the “Paddle Challenge” events. As such, participants to the challenge will have the opportunity to make donations while they register to the event.

Joël Bouzou, Peace and Sport President and Founder, said:

“We are thrilled to be the ICF’s charity partner for the Paddle Challenge. This event is not just about the performance, it is also about getting mobilized for solidarity. Participants will have the opportunity to make donations and become change-makers. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will support our daily peace-through-sport activities for children in France, Jordan and Burundi. This fundraising initiative is an example for other sport organizations willing to engage in social development and peace.”

Hoichan Kwon, ICF event organizer, added:

“Peace and Sport is a great fit for this project. The organization is doing fantastic work around the globe, promoting the role sport can play in delivering development, peace and harmony in conflicting communities.”

Starting on August 10, the 4-week digital challenge will be the first joint project between Peace and Sport and the ICF in the framework of a long-term partnership expected to be formalized shortly. The ICF is hoping to encourage professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to participate in this virtual competition and take on a 2 or 5 kilometer paddle challenge to not only stay active, but to raise money for the Peace and Sport field programs.

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