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09/08/2016 - 10:40

Peace and Sport and FIVB (International Federation of Volley Ball) boost their partnership in Rio 2016

The FIVB officially launched two development training centers in Rio as part of its commitment to leaving a sustainable legacy in the city and to highlight volleyball’s appeal as a fun universal sport enjoyed by generations of fans worldwide.

FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça, was joined by Peace and Sport President and Founder Joël Bouzou and Champion for Peace Sylvia Poll for the inauguration at Leme Fort (in the South Zone of the City) and by Pedro Yang, also Champion for Peace, in the favela community of Formiga. They were welcomed by kids and volleyball instructors playing drums, creating a carnival atmosphere.

Peace and Sport and FIVB have been partners since 2011, and are in Rio joining their forces in order to closely cooperate on many projects in the future, using Volleyball and Beach Volleyball as a tool for social development.

The VolleyballYourWay Viva Vôlei Training program fully fits within this framework. Its key objective is to use volleyball as a vehicle to educate and socialize children from low-income communities throughout Brazil and promote integration and social inclusion. More than 600 children will participate in the program as the FIVB looks to inspire the next generation of Brazilians to take up volleyball.

FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça:

“It is wonderful to see the passion for volleyball among the children of the favela and I hope we can play a part in creating a future for them which harnesses the social and health benefits of sport.”

Peace and Sport President and Founder, Joel Bouzou:

“The VolleyballYourWay Viva Vôlei Training program is a wonderful initiative. The FIVB clearly understood the social challenges sport and especially volleyball can address. I was proud to join them for this launching event and I’m looking forward to reinforce the cooperation between the FIVB and Peace and Sport all around the world.”

Pedro Yang – Peace and Sport Champion for Peace:

“When you have these programs, especially in the poorer areas, where kids don’t have many good opportunities, sport gives them a tool to leave bad influences behind and build a better future.”

Sylvia Poll – Peace and Sport Champion for Peace:

“This type of even that uses sport to help kids, learn the values of discipline and team work is very important. So, I invite all federations from every sport to take actions like this one promoted by the FIVB”.

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