17/02/2021 - 13:00

Marlène Harnois Becomes the New Representative of the Champions for Peace Club

Marlène Harnois has succeeded Benjamin Boukpeti as Champions-for-Peace club Representative, a select group of high-level athletes within the Peace and Sport Organization, who are personally committed to the peace-through-sport movement.

The Champions for Peace club is made up of over 119 top athletes who are role-models, heroes, and sources of inspiration for young people around the world. Champions for Peace invest their time, celebrity and experience as athletes into projects that use sport to provide solutions to social issues.

Marlène Harnois, Olympic Taekwondo Medallist and Champions-for-Peace club Representative, said:

“I joined the Champions for Peace club in 2016 and it is an honour for me to become the representative of these committed athletes. The united action of Champions for Peace has helped demonstrate that sport goes beyond athletic performance and plays a real role to serve society. As representative of the Champions for Peace club, I will continue to promote sport for development and peace in areas affected by political and social instability.”

Benjamin Boukpeti, Olympic Canoe-Kayak Medalist, former Champions-for-Peace club representative, added:

“The representative of the Champions for Peace club is a champion who serves as the link between the Champions and the peace-through-sport movement. Whilst having a robust strategy, they have to demonstrate flexibility and determination in order to spread the peace-through-sport  message as far afield as possible”.

Named Champion for Peace of the Year at the 2020 Peace and Sport Awards Ceremony, Lionel Messi is the latest athlete to join the Champions for Peace club, proof of his commitment to humanity and his fair play on the football pitch.


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