17/05/2017 - 16:18

Laura Flessel, appointed French Minister of Sports

Laura Flessel, Peace and Sport Champion and Fencing Olympic Champion, has been appointed by the French Government as the Minister of Sports.

As a member of the Champion for Peace club since 2009, Laura has been a great sponsor for the development and movement of peace through sport.  Most importantly, she participated in the creation of the “Sports Simple” Manual.

“By adapting sport practices, we can reach youth living in vulnerable regions with high levels of structured violence. I strongly believe that sport is a tool that can help in a very tangible way in the reinsertion and integration of the most excluded ones” which was affirmed by Laura concerning the “Sports Simple” Manual.

Joel Bouzou, who is the President and Founder of Peace and Sport, stated that, “It is with great satisfaction that I learn about the appointment of Laura Flessel as a Sport Minister for the French Government. As a Champion for Peace, Laura has demonstrated her active engagement to promote the values of sport for the benefit of the society”

“To fight every day, in all the fields of the world in order to achieve peace through sports. This is a mission that I accept and I am willing to engage in”, Stated by Laura Flessel during the Peace and Sport International Forum.

All the Peace and Sport team wishes her remarkable success in her recent nomination.


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