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September 21, 2020 – International Day of Peace – “Launch of the E-Platform”

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, Monday September 21, Peace and Sport highlights the Mobile Application “Peace and Sport x MyCoach”: the first international digital tool using sport to build a culture of peace. All the contents and functions of this Mobile Application are the result of more than 10 years of experience on the field, the objective of which is to transmit positive values to young people around the world and to measure the impact of peace programs through sport.

Peace and Sport Methodology

The Peace and Sport Methodology offers a set of activities conveying the values linked to the culture of peace, through sport. It has the particularity of being entirely devoted to the construction of peace, and makes it possible to target values to be transmitted according to the particular contexts of its application.
It should be remembered that this expertise was built in partnership with several international sports federations from 2011 and then launched and applied in the field in 2014, to finally be recognized by the United Nations in 2018.

Peace and Sport x MyCoach

In 2019, the methodology originally produced in “Paper” version becomes the Peace and Sport x MyCoach mobile application in the form of a fully digital application. It becomes the first digital tool that uses sport to build a culture of peace. It allows educators to easily access the Peace and Sport Methodology, wherever they are and whatever program they are working in. It should be noted that all the data collected allows Peace and Sport and its partners to monitor and evaluate the impact of its actions and thus improve its programs according to the needs and expectations of beneficiaries.

Objectives of the Mobile APP

– Build a culture of peace using sport as a tool

– Be accessible to as many people as possible

– Improve the impact of programs thanks to a precise evaluation of actions

Adaptation of the Context Covid: A E-Learning Platform

The pandemic that has affected the whole world has encouraged Peace and Sport to digitize all of its training modules for trainers. This remote training for peace educators allows us to maintain activity in our fields of operation, but also to accelerate remote capacity building.

Call for collaboration and deployment

We provide a turnkey solution for stakeholders in sport, development and peace. This tool allows an impact assessment: the measurement, the monitoring of the data will allow the different users of the APP to measure their social impact.
Peace and Sport makes its expertise available to strengthen the various organizations in their development strategies.
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