19/07/2016 - 10:46

Guo Chuan rallies Rio for Peace and Sport

The Champion for Peace sailor heads to Rio for the Olympic Truce to promote peace through sport.


Guo Chuan, the Chinese sailor and Champion for Peace, left La Trinité sur Mer for a Trans-Atlantic voyage to promote Peace through Sport around the Olympic Truce.


“During the Olympic Games, people have an opportunity to sit together and dialogue. People forget their differences and forge friendships. In the competition arena, there is no distinction between nationalities, religions or the colour of the skin among the athletes. Disagreements are no longer important.”


For Rio 2016, Guo Chuan was able to attend the official Lightening Ceremony of the Olympic Flame in Olympia, in Greece. For that occasion, he was named to carry the Olympic torch across the famous Rio-Antirrio Bridge in Greece. “It was an invaluable experience that allowed me to feel the Olympic Games’ spirit.”


Guo Chuan will sail to Rio on the « Beijing Time » that has the sail number 2022 in honor of the Winter Olympic Games that will take place in the Chinese capital. His boat will be a meeting place for the numerous Champions for Peace present in Brazil during the Olympic fortnight.


Guo Chuan will start a new world record attempt from San Francisco in October: after setting a world record during his Arctic Ocean Challenge, he’ll try to beat the Trans-Pacific solo record.


Before the departure to Rio, the Chinese skipper and his crew that will wear the “Peace and Sport” banner on the fore-sail laid flowers in water to express condolences to the victims of terrorist attacks.

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