27/05/2021 - 17:09

Colombia celebrates the Peacemakers project!

As part of the Peacemakers Project, Peace and Sport has selected two Colombian organizations, based in Bogota and Medellin, to train 30 peace animators who will conduct weekly peace through sports sessions for more than 300 children. COP Colombia and ADA Fundación organized demonstration sessions of the Peace and Sport Methodology with the children of the program and local representatives in the framework of a launching event.

In Bogota DC, in the district of Usme, COP Colombia brought together the Peace Animators who will teach the Peace and Sport Methodology and more than 200 children from the community for two days of activities around football and peace.

In the presence of Mrs. Mabel Sua, Mayor of the District of Usme, and Mrs. Fanny Gutierrez of the Institute for Sports and Leisure (IDRD), the children officially kicked-off the Peacemakers Project. They will discover every week new activities for Peace through Football.

For Hugo Florez, Director of International Relations at COP Colombia: “Despite a precarious health situation in Colombia, it was essential for us to highlight our participation in the Peacemakers Project. For several weeks now, we have been participating in the training provided by Peace and Sport to transmit positive values ​​through Sport. I am happy to be able to make these efforts a reality with the children of our community. Thanks to the support of Peace and Sport and the MyCoach Mobile App, we will be able to measure the effectiveness of our programs more concretely. ”

In the second city of the country, in Medellin, ADA Fundación brought together in the district of Manrique more than 100 boys and girls in the presence of the Director of the Institute of Sports and Recreation of Medellin, Carlos Mario Romero Misas.

For Henry Aguirre, Director of ADA Fundación: “The ADA Foundation is happy to provide the youth of Medellin with an innovative tool using Sport as a tool for peace. Sport is a powerful tool for creating dialogue and promoting social inclusion, and we wish through the Peacemakers Project to demonstrate the vitality of Colombian youth. ”

These events materialize the work carried out by Colombian organizations and by Peace and Sport from Monaco to deploy the Peacemakers Project in 10 countries. Through a bottom-up approach, the Peacemakers Project will address various social issues. For its implementation. Its implementation will rely on the Mobile App developed by Peace and Sport in partnership with MyCoach and on the expertise of the ten selected organizations. To best meet their needs, Peace and Sport will support them in the coming months, from the training of peace workers to assessing the impact concerning the realities on the ground.

At the end of two years of continuous training, 200 peace educators supervising nearly 2,000 children will have been trained using the methodology developed by the Organization. In addition, Peace and Sport, in partnership with leading universities, will monitor and evaluate the impact of each program.


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