Our Champion for Peace


As a Champion for Peace, I want to show young people in marginalized areas that it is possible to build and emancipate themselves through sport and its values, such as fair play. The objective of a Champion for Peace is to inspire these young people and give them a role model to follow.

Ladji Doucouré is a World Champion french hurdler. He’s now willing to give back to society what sport has given him, notably by promoting athletics in marginalized areas and toward young people by being the mentor of the Golden Blocks association.
Ladji Doucouré also participated in the Caravan for Peace, which travelled throughout Senegal from 16 to 19 November 2017 to meet children, families and associations in order to promote the values of solidarity through sport, inspire young people and provide material support in areas affected by precariousness. He organized an athletics competition for children from a remote village.
He becomes a Champion for Peace to promote the values of sport toward young people and share his experience. By this way, young people can plan their future life with more serenity..






4*100m and 110m Hurdles World Champion


The Caravan for Peace traveled for 3 days across Senegal.

Led by Taekwondo Olympic Champion and Champion for Peace, Marlene Harnois, the Caravan for Peace met children, families and associations to promote the values ​​of solidarity through sport, to inspire youth and provide support to areas affected by precariousness.

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