Act for what matters

“Act for What Matters” is a global Peace and Sport program launched in 2016. Peace and Sport decided through a call for project to partner with 6 NGOs active on every continent in the field of peacebuilding through sport.

By being global, “Act for What matters” tackles varied social issues faced by very different communities around the world.

“Act for What Matters” aims also at adding value to our partners’ programs, by improving the quality and quantity of the sports they practise. It develops bonds between International Federations, NGOs, NOCs and local authorities, building capacity of the educators on the ground, helping them to maintain and develop sustainable Sport for Peace programs.

"Act for What Matters" in action

Discover 6 NGOs active on every continent in the field of peacebuilding through sport.

Association MOBADARA pour le Développement Durable et le Tourisme

Zaio, Province of Nador, Morocco

Sport practiced: Handball

For cultural and social reasons, girls in the town of Zaio face difficulties to practice sports. In response to this issue, MOBADARA has started girls handball teams, encouraging more girls to get enrolled in handball and other sports in Zaio. By doing so, MOBADARA aims to participate in the social integration of these girls and promote gender equality.

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Many Hands One Nation (MAHON)

East Timor

Sport practiced: Volleyball, Football

MAHON leads a Sport for Peace project in the border of Indonesia and Timor-Leste with marginalized children and youth. They play volleyball and football and are taught values such as respect and tolerance during peace education sessions, as well as practical life skills such as leadership, communication and health.

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Promo Jeune Basket (PJB)

Goma, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Sport practiced: Basketball

Promo Jeune Basket’s mission is “education through basketball”. Their program instils to the youth the values of discipline, hard work, team spirit and respect. It also gives them the opportunity to receive high-class basketball while making sure the beneficiaries attend and succeed in school. The beneficiaries follow a life-skills program, in which the focus is put on youth development, citizenship and peace.

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Comunidad Soy Migrante A.C. (CSM)

Amatlan de Los Reyes, Veracruz, Mexico

Sport practiced: Football

Mexico is a country where the migration phenomenon exists in all its forms. Over the years this issue has grown, leading to many uncovered social issues such as violence, exploitation and racism. With its football club, CSM tries to strengthen the local community and promote the inclusion of migrants in the community. Through special events, CSM also opens spaces for dialogue and peace.

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Fútbol Con Corazon (FCC)

Barranquilla, Colombia

Sport practiced: Football

FCC uses the pedagogical possibilities of football to help vulnerable communities overcome problems related to poverty and exclusion. They operate an after-school program for boys, girls and adolescents to prevent risk behaviours such as prostitution, crime, drugs, alcohol and other poverty-related social issues.

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Sacred Sports Foundation Inc.(SSF)

St. Lucia

Sport practiced: Cricket, Netball, Football and other sports

By using sports, Sacred Sports Foundation aims to assist disadvantaged communities in troubles areas of St Lucia and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Their conflict resolution tool box is integrated in their sport sessions, with the objective to help the beneficiaries to find practical solutions in the social issues they face in their daily lives. SSF also focuses on training youth mentors on conflict resolution in order for them to become examples in their communities.

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