Our Champion for Peace

Zsolt Moradi

Sports, especially martial arts/combat sports can teach to be respectful and goal oriented, which personality traits help people to make their way in life.

Emblematic figure of Kick-Boxing, he grew up in a district of Budapest where issues such as bullying, poverty and racism were constantly present, yet this did not deter him from wanting to give something back to the community. He is involved in a Bully Defense Program aiming to give confidence back to kids who faced physical and mental abuse.
Alongside with Peace and Sport during last #WhiteCard Campaign, Zsolt believes that athletes have a great responsibility and influence over younger generations. He’s joining the Champions for Peace Club to pursue his mission and reach a larger crowd.






10x WAKO World Champion

6 April 2017

Dublin, Ireland

Irish Open

During the Irish Open International, WAKO representatives and fighters also got mobilized around the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. More than 4000 athletes took part in the #Whitecard campaign.