Our Champion for Peace


Together with Peace and Sport we apply values of freedom, courage, fraternity and honour. Values which are important in our everyday lives.

A famous personality in in free-diving and in the Principality of Monaco, Pierre Frolla has been involved with Peace and Sport since the organization was founded. Through his actions as a Champion for Peace, he transmits the essential values of liberty, humility, courage, sharing, passion and honour.






World Champion
Multiple World Record Holder


Patron of the Princess Charlene Rally

Organised as part of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace by Monaco’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport in collaboration with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, Peace and Sport and the Parent-Teacher Association of Monaco, this Rally gave schoolchildren the opportunity to compete in a timed running race and three workshops – a sports competition (1,200 metres on a rowing machine), a teamwork-based event (using stretchers to bring victims to safety at the Aquatic Rescue Center of Monaco) and an intellectual challenge (multiple choice test questions).

Rally Princess Charlène

No Finish Line

Master Petanque

Biathle Monaco


May 2013

Poseidon-Operation at the Monaco Grand Prix