Our Champion for Peace


Being a Champion for Peace involves being an example for young people who are today in difficulty. For top-level athletes, sport was the school which enabled us to build ourselves and the lives we lead. It’s now our role and our duty to pass on the values that sport gave to us.

Former Captain of the French National Rugby Team, Jeff threw himself into a passionate adventure by founding the Pachamama association in Madagascar in 2006.






Captain of the French National Team
Winner of the 6 Nations Championship


Bujumbura, Burundi

Friendship Games 2017

The 8th edition of the Friendship Games, organised by Peace and Sport in partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Burundi, concluded after a weekend full of sport, learning and intercultural dialogue in  Bujumbura, Burundi last week.

The event brought together 200 children from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo to celebrate the role sport can play in initiating social change.  Nine International Federations joined Champions for Peace, French Paralympian Jean Baptiste Alaize, taekwondo star  Pascal Gentil, and former French National Rugby Team captain  Jean-François Tordo to help encourage better inter-cultural dialogue in the Great Lakes region.