Our Champion for Peace


Nelson Mandela used to say that sport has the power to change the world. I believe that athletes can help spreading Mandela’s words and promoting the sport values to all continents after the Olympic Games. We can contribute with our time, skills and knowledge to create a positive impact in our communities.

An icon in her rainbow nation, Elana Meyer made a big impact during the Barcelona Olympic Games where she ran a lap of honour hand in hand with Ethiopian athlete Derartu Tulu. Now at the head of an athletic academy, she is the ambassador of the Cap Marathon, the most famous marathon in Africa.


South Africa




Olympian - Olympic Medalist
African Champion

Partnership between Peace and Sport and the Salam Marathon Cape Town

Champion for Peace, Elana Meyer initiated a partnership between the Salam Cape Town Marathon and Peace and Sport. Through the I Move for Peace program, Peace and Sport gives bibs to the sportsmen willing to raise funds for their field programs.