Our Champion for Peace


I made an usual journey to promote peace. I decided to sail with a wing that replaces all speeches: no sponsors but a dove to call for peace and reconciliation.

Kitesurf World Champion, Bruno is the first man to cross Cape Horn on a kitesurf. In 2009, he became a Messenger for Peace when he crossed the Aqaba / Eilat / Egyptian borders on the day of the ceasefire in Gaza. To mark the occasion, he made the crossing with a dove drawn on his sail to as an appeal for peace.






World Champion
1er Homme à avoir franchi le Cap Horn en Kitesurf
Recordman de la traversée de la Manche en KiteSurf

Red Sea

Crossing the Red Sea between Israel, Egypt and Jordan to convey a message of Peace

For several years, Bruno is involved in the Peace through Sport movement. In january 2009, he crossed the Red Sea between Jordan, Egypt and Israel with a message: a white dove on his Kite Surf, universal symbol of peace.