Our Champion for Peace

Aliyyah Koloc

“I am really honored to be nominated together with my sister Yasmeen as an ambassador for the Junior Champion for Peace Club. It is an important cause to us and we hope that, together with them, we will be able to spread more positivity in the world and the message that no matter your color, race or gender, you can do sports or whatever you want to do, and you have a right to do it without suffering negative comments from anybody. We have been a target of discrimination all our lives, and some particular bad comments at the Dakar Rally two years ago were our final straw. We didn’t want to keep quiet anymore but also wanted to take action. Our team, Buggyra ZM Racing with their affiliate, Buggyra Academy, have put programs in place that help young drivers but also engineers and mechanics from different backgrounds to become successful in motorsports. And personally, together with my sister, we support an orphanage in Uganda which is managed by a Buggyra employee. But there is lots more still to be done!”