Our Champion for Peace

Adrien Mare

Champion for Peace is to defend and to share values that we all have for a fondamental cause: peace.



17/10/2015: After the Merzouga Rally in Morocco, Adrien Maré was awarded the title of World Champion. His future in rally-raid will go down in history.
From a young age Adrien was always interested in motorsports. Born in Monaco, he started competing when he was only 4 years old! As winner of the 2015 World Cup, he qualifies for Dakar 2018.





Rallye Raid


Baja World Champion

DAKAR 2018

Adrien Maré finishes the Dakar rally in Peace and Sports colours

Adrien Maré, rally driver and Champion for Peace, finished his first-ever Dakar rally this Saturday wearing Peace and Sport’s colours.

In September 2017 Adrien became a Champion for Peace, joining 100 other athletes who are invested to promote sport as a tool for change. He is proud to wear the Peace and Sport logo in competitive sport to help transmit the message that sport can be a driving force for peace throughout the world.