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21/06/2021 - 17:12

Refugees in Zaatari camp celebrated #Worldrefugeeday!

During an entire week, on the occasion of #Worldrefugeeday, Peace and Sport highlighted that sport could significantly enrich the lives of refugees, boost their physical and mental health, and help them gain confidence and forge new relationships.

Over 150 boys and girls enjoyed table tennis, teqball and kickboxing/self-defense online sessions organized by the 6 coaches from the « Live Together » program, in partnership with WAKO, ITTF Foundation and FITEQ. The sessions aimed to promote social inclusion, improve individual and social skills, and create bonds among boys and girls. The young beneficiaries also took part in the “Youth with Refugees Art Contest” organized by UNHCR on the theme “Together through sport”. With their drawings, the kids highlighted how sport brings them hope and inspiration to become active and responsible people.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities had to stop in Zaatari refugee camp and a strict lockdown was implemented. The activities part of the « Live Together » program have been adapted to the situation to continue supporting refugees and fostering their resilience. With the support of Peace and Sport, Champions for Peace, FITEQ, WAKO and ITTF Foundation, the coaches shared educational materials with the kids to help them maintain their physical fitness and mental well-being and overcome the challenges posed by isolation and social distancing. In addition, the coaches joined the pandemic control efforts by distributing face masks, gloves and hydro alcoholic gel, assuming the role of community leaders in the camp.

As part of the celebrations of #Worldrefugeeday, Peace and Sport, in collaboration with UNHCR and Blumont, gathered the testimonies of people living and working in the camp in a video. This video celebrates the strength of people who had to flee their countries to escape persecution or conflict and their resilience through sport.

Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, declared:

« The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the vulnerability of refugees all over the world and isolated them more than ever. With this video, we wanted to demonstrate that sport and physical activity are essential for refugees and that it helps them to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. Together with our partners WAKO, FITEQ, ITTF Foundation, Blumont, and UNHCR, we will continue implementing the « Live Together » program in Zaatari. This Covid-19 prevention campaign we had into the camp might facilitate the start of the face-to-face activities very soon. »


About the “Live Together” program

The “Live Together” program introduces sport as an innovative tool to tackle refugees’ social issues in Zaatari camp. Three sports are currently implemented in partnership with: ITTF Foundation, WAKO and FITEQ. The program is supported by the Gouvernement Princier de Monaco, Blumont and the Jordan Olympic Committee.



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