05/04/2022 - 09:13

HRH Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan visits the Zaatari refugee camp

On April 5, HRH Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan, Governing Board Member of our partner ITTF Foundation, visited a community center and joined the table tennis activities part of the “Live Together” program in Zaatari camp. The visit was organized with the support of UNHCR and Blumont.

Earlier this month, open days for kickboxing, self-defense and table tennis were organized in the presence of experts from WAKO and the ITTF Foundation. These activities benefited more than 200 children and allowed the coaches to strengthen their skills.

Since 2017, Peace and Sport lead the ‘Live Together’ program in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, which gathers more than 77,000 Syrian refugees. In partnership with the UNHCR, Blumont, the Jordanian Olympic Committee, several international federations, and the Government of the Principality of Monaco, Peace and Sport implements sport-based programs that foster physical and emotional well-being of refugees and promote social cohesion, dialogue, and inclusion.

Every week, 400 children practice sport activities with 6 coaches who have been trained by international federations during the first phase of the program. The regular practice of sports helps the children to strengthen their self-confidence, reduce aggression, and increase confidence with members of their community.

Photo credit: UNHCR Jordan.

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