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The Champions for Peace club is composed of high-level sportsmen and women personally committed to the peace-through-sport movement. These athletes, who dedicate their time and fame to make sport a tool for dialogue and social cohesion, have become role-models and a true inspiration for youth around the world. On 2019 the Champions for Peace celebrated their 10th anniversary by launching a global appeal ‘The Champions for Peace Manifesto’. Through this manifesto, they are asking athletes, the sports movement, political and institutional decision-makers and, more broadly, the general public, to join them in their action for the next ten years to maximize sport for development and peace.

10 ideas for the new decade

We want this appeal to be concrete. Words are not enough. There are many other commitments that can be made to maximize sport as a tool for peace, but we have decided to endorse these engagements, and they belong to you. On our own, they would open doors. But with all of you, they can really make a difference.

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    Promoting Sport for Peace in a pragmatic manner, involving best practices and actions to attain the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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    Devising field programmes that offer real and tangible answers to tackling discrimination, racism, social inequalities and poverty.

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    Celebrating April 6 each year – the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

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    Organising sporting events and sport legacy programs with a “Peace and Sport Label”.

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    Endorsing the #WhiteCard as a symbol of peace through sport at competitions, in field programs and via public awareness campaigns.

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    Ensuring gender equality as key principle of all sporting events and sport-based initiatives, by facilitating equal access and participation for girls in field programs, events and competitions at all levels.

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    Taking measures to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities and enjoy high quality physical activity, recreation and sports.

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    Recognising that soft skills gained through sport help to boost employability, and integrate peace-through-sport activities into national educational curriculums.

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    Conducting a way of life based on the core sport values (Excellence, Fairness, Equity, Respect and Friendship), leading by good example and fostering social responsibility.

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    Supporting existing sports diplomacy initiatives and facilitating sports-based exchanges through athlete envoys and diplomatic representation.

Some of these ideas can be achieved in the short or medium term, others require patience. Peace through sport is not built in a day. But as Champions for Peace, we are committed to following the path of these 10 ideas for the new decade step by step. And we undertake to get together in 10 years’ time to make an inventory of the actions actually carried out and the forgotten projects.



Le manifeste des Champions de la Paix

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