Terres en Mêlées

Terres En Mêlées


  • Headquarters address: 23 rue de Castelnaudary 31500 Toulouse (TEM France)
  • Type: NGO.
  • Place of intervention: Burkina Faso, Togo.
  • Contact: Pierre Gony – Founder / Managing Director
  • Website:


  • Name of the program: ALAFIA
  • Summary: ALAFIA, which means “peace”, is a joint project carried out jointly by Terres En Mêlées Burkina and Togo en Mêlées, two associations belonging to the network of Terres en Mêlées’ associations.
  • Objective: Contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through the promotion of peace among Burkinabe and Togolese youth through education through sport.
  • SDGs:
    – Good health and well-being (SDG 3);
    – Quality education (SDG 4);
    – Gender equality (SDG 5).
  • Specific objectives: Provide access to quality physical education activities; Promote favorable attitudes for living together, citizenship and gender equality; Reach at least 50% of young girls beneficiaries; Build the capacities of local educational teams and school teachers involved; Promote social cohesion between beneficiaries from urban and rural areas.
  • Context: Security challenge and traditional socio-political problems (electoral violence, religious conflicts …). In this context, Terres en Mêlées attempts to design and use educational and inclusive sport tools to promote the values ​​of living together, gender equality, respect for others and social cohesion.

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  • Number of beneficiaries: 300 children.
  • Nature of beneficiaries: children (boys and girls) from 10 schools.


  • Number of coordinators / educators: 20 facilitators trained by Peace and Sport.
  • Sport practiced: rugby.
  • Calendar of activities:

October 2020 / January 2021

Initiation of Peacemakers Program

Finalization of the project

Contract between Peace and Sport and Terres en Mêlées

February / July 2021

February: Validation of the contract

April: Mobilization on the occasion of April 6

May: Launch of the program + training in the methodology

June / July: Monitoring and evaluation once a month

July / December 2021 Project monitoring

July / December 2021

Project monitoring

Improvement of educational content