23/03/2022 - 17:09

The Peace and Sport by MyCoach mobile application awarded with the « Sport and Innovation » Prize at the Sport Impact Awards in Dakar

Peace and Sport is delighted to win the « Sport and Innovation » Award for the Peace and Sport by MyCoach mobile application at the Sport Impact Awards ceremony which took place in Dakar, Senegal.

The digitalization of the Peace and Sport methodology is the result of 15 years of expertise and it responds to the needs expressed by peace educators working in the field.

Today, thousands of children and hundreds of educators on three continents are using this structured methodology as part of the Peacemakers Project international program, launched in collaboration with field organizations, in May 2021.

Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, said:

« This Award, obtained at the Sport Impact Awards ceremony, demonstrates that new technologies can be used to transmit peace values. These formats attract a growing number of actors and push us to innovate and rethink existing paradigms. In the framework of a partnership with the University of Paris-Nanterre, the Peace and Sport by MyCoach mobile application makes it possible to evaluate the impact of peace-through-sport programs in the field and thus demonstrate that investing in peace education using sport as a tool is effective and profitable. »

Cédric Messina, CEO of MyCoach, added:

« For the past three years, we have accompanied Peace and Sport in its digital transformation, and it is a great pride to receive this « Sport and Innovation » award for the tool that we have co-created. We are committed to spreading the good practices and the values of sport, and we are proud to have put our expertise at the service of peace through sport. »

During the award ceremony, the Organization was represented by Peace Champion and Olympic medalist Diana Gandega, who recalled in her speech the power of sport as a tool for development and peace. Two of the Peacemakers Project’s partners, Tibu Africa and Terres-en-Mêlées, also received awards for their actions in favour of development and peace through sport.

Photo credit : Sport en Commun / Makosi Production


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