16/11/2020 - 14:19

Social business to fight against ocean pollution and improve the living conditions of the community of Tierrabomba through sport

On the occasion of the 2020 Social Business Series Virtual Event organized by Yunus Sports Hub, Yunus Environment Hub and the Grameen Creative Lab, on November 6th, our partner organization « Amigos del Mar » Foundation advocated on how social business can strengthen peace-through-sport initiatives. The conference served to highlight developments in the realm of social business and to provide social entrepreneurs with the opportunity to connect with established individuals in the field.

During a session dedicated to Sports and Social Business, « Amigos del Mar » Foundation highlighted how Olas Paz, a collaboration between « Amigos del Mar » and Peace and Sport, became one of the first social businesses in sport. Born in 2018, the initiative aims at producing water sports accessories by recycling the worn plastic of the island of Tierrabomba, Colombia. The project generates economic and social development through sport. It empowers the community of the island while contributing to the resolution of environmental problems related to the proliferation of plastics.

The project contributes to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda as it is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) :
– SDG 4 : Quality Education.
– SDG 5 : Gender Equality.
– SDG 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production.
– SDG 13 : Climate Action.
– SDG 16 : Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Laurent Dupont, CEO of Peace and Sport, declared :
« Olas Paz is a peacebuilding strategy born in a post-conflict context, in a country that went through more than 50 year internal conflict. It brings economic opportunities to the community of Tierrabomba, reducing social conflictivity and contributing to building peaceful communities. Olas Paz is an example of innovative and best practice where sport is a tool for achieving development and peace. »

About the expected results of the project, Pedro Salazar, the Founder of « Amigos del Mar » Foundation, declared :
« Hopefully, more inhabitants of Tierrabomba will progressively become part of the project. We expect the project to have a real impact, tackling social issues such as the youth unemployment rate (around 36% in Cartagena) and helping to take away youth from delinquency and drug trafficking. On the other hand, the project will shape social entrepreneurs who will have the opportunity to develop other kinds of social businesses for the benefit of the community. »

Peace and Sport would like to thanks Muhammad Yunus and the organizers of the event, and reiterates its wish to keep expanding the peace-through-sport movement in Colombia.

For more information about the 2020 Social Business Series Virtual Event and our project Olas Paz, find the recording here:

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