27/05/2019 - 23:06

Champions for Peace meet youngsters at the challenge Michelet

Champions for Peace Laure Fournier and Benjamin Boukpeti took part in the challenge Michelet on May 23 and 24 in Lyon, France. For two days, the Sambo World Champion and the African Canoe Champion met some of the 300 teenagers who participated in the annual Youth Judicial Protection (PJJ) sporting event.

The challenge Michelet brought together teenagers in difficulty, around a meeting that conveys the noble values of sport. Beyond the sporting events, the week was punctuated by a “village animation”. Laure Fournier and Benjamin Boukpeti kicked off several events as Champions for Peace. Alongside former French coach Raymond Domenech and former French international rugby player Pascal Papé, they met many young people to share their experience and the unifying values they hold.

In order to ensure the sustainable integration of young people, Peace and Sport regularly organizes Sports Workshops in partnership with the PJJ. The Sport Workshops take the form of exercise and teaching sessions intended to remobilize minors and young adults through sport. A multidisciplinary team of sports educators and social workers lead these workshops aimed at increasing participants’ employment prospects by including sporting values in the integration process.

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