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Image of the Year smlA day for peace through sport

2 - A day for peace through sport

United Nations Headquarters, New York, 23 August 2013: Jacques Rogge (former President of the IOC), Vuk Jeremić (President of the United Nations General Assembly) and Novak Djokovic (professional Serbian tennis player) following the historic decision to proclaim 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

This day, which will be celebrated each year by UN Member States and other partner organizations, will honour the role that sport plays in society through the means of encouraging healthier lifestyles, making sport more widely accessible and using sport as a vehicle for development in areas made vulnerable by conflict, poverty and inequality.

Credit: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP
Diplomatie sans artifice

1 – Barefoot diplomacy

Khartoum, 28 August 2013: Japanese diplomat Yasuhiro Murotatsu takes part in his fourth Nuba wrestling competition. Murotatsu’s participation in this traditional Sudanese sport reinforces the idea that sporting activities can bring together Sudanese tribes and be used as a tool for building peace in Sudan.

Credit: Ashraf Shazly/AFP

A match for hope

3 – A match for hope


Kabul, 20 August 2013: at the new Afghanistan Football Federation Stadium, civilian and military Afghan supporters cheer on their national team during a friendly football match against Pakistan; the first such match in 36 years.

This event not only signifies a step forward in improving the relations between these two countries but it also represents a moment of unity and hope for Kabul.

Credit: Shah Marai/AFP

Champion of the year


1 – Terezinha GUILHERMINA

Three times Paralympic Champion in the 100m and 200m T11 category, Brazil


Growing up in the midst of Brazilian slums of Betim, Terezinha Guilhermina has grown to become an athletics champion who divides her time between the track and her work with NGOs and orphanages. Her vision is to inspire children to adopt healthier ways of life, particularly through sport.

She also lends her support to the parents of children with disabilities, giving them advice, guidance and showing them that disabilities need not be an obstacle to the well-being of their child.


Sébastien BOUCHE

2 - Sébastien BOUCHE

Champion of France in 2000 with Toulouse Olympique XIII, Rugby league


Through his organization “Mixah Solidarité”, Sébastien Bouche uses sport as a means of promoting diversity, solidarity and integration.

For Sébastien, sporting activities provide an opportunity to encourage interaction between people across the social spectrum: young and old, people from different social backgrounds and neighbourhoods, people with or without disabilities etc. By using sport in this way, he is able to foster their integration in society.


Sport Event of the year

1 – Encuentro Sociocultural de Pueblos Originarios     

Fondation Gol Iluminado

This event (Sports tournament and indigenous culture gathering) promotes dialogue and cohesion between the 10 indigenous tribes living in Chile, and their integration in Chilean society.

In partnership with the government, the event is aimed at restoring peace between tribes and authorities through football and raising awareness of ancestral sports little known to the local community.


2 - Great Lakes Peace Cup  

World Bank

This football for peace tournament promotes reconciliation among communities of the Great Lakes region and encourages the reintegration of ex-soldiers.

In order to ensure the future of this project, World Bank has pledged its support to local actors, helping them both with the organization of the event and capacity-building initiatives so that they can go on to organize future sporting events independently.

3 – Championship for Peace at the Zaatari refugee camp

Qatar Red Crescent


As a result of the Syrian crisis, thousands of people have fled to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Now home to more than 130,000 refugees, the camp has become the country's fifth largest "city".

With the help of the Qatar Red Crescent, volunteers organized a football championship at the camp in order to ease existing tensions and re-establish dialogue among young people.

Sports Federation of the year

USA Wrestling

1 – USA Wrestling

"Rumble on the Rails" is a leading example of different countries working together to protect a threatened sporting discipline.

While diplomatic relations between their respective governments remain taut, the wrestling federations of the USA, Iran and Russia came together to participate in "Rumble on the Rails", a wrestling competition held in New York in May 2013. Their cooperation demonstrates the power of sport to unite people.

2 - Italian Federation of Sport Climbing

The "Promote Climbing in Africa" program uses sport as a means of driving local economic development.

Through the practice of climbing, the program aims to create job opportunities and reduce poverty in order to empower local actors so that they in turn can develop income-generating tourist activities.

3 - Oceania Football Confederation

"Just Play" is a program that has been implemented in 11 Pacific countries, targeting 6 to 12 year-olds. The same approach has been used across the region to train the different instructors, who then apply this knowledge in a specific area.

Through partnerships with local authorities, sports clubs and schools, as well as the involvement of many families, the children are being encouraged to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Corporate Initiative of the year

1 – Charity Miles     


"Charity Miles" is a free app that lets Smartphone users raise money for charity while they walk, run or bike.

Participants choose which charity they wish to support (there are currently 25 charity partners), and then for every kilometre covered, money is donated to that cause by Charity Miles' corporate sponsors.

2 - Ferrero France 


Through its program "Kinder s'engage pour l'enfance " and its partnership with French non-profit organization Secours Populaire français, Ferrero gives kids from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to take part in unforgettable sporting experiences.

This program also provides academic support, help with homework and on-going structured activities throughout the year in a partner club.

3 - One World Futbol Project & Chevrolet


One World Futbol Project has created a football that is practically indestructible, which never deflates even when punctured and which is suitable for the harshest of environments.

Thanks to a partnership with Chevrolet, the ball has been made widely available to organizations using sport as a tool for peace-building, development and social integration.

Non-Governmental Organization of the year

1 - Nukanti Foundation for Children


"Jugando por la Libertad" (Playing for Freedom) is a project promoting community development and social integration among children suffering from post-traumatic stress in the slums of Bogotá (Colombia) through the practice of capoeira.

The project, being carried out with 120 young people, provides counselling and promotes capoeira as an alternative to prostitution and forced recruitment by armed forces.
play 31

2 – Play 31


"Play 31", which lends its name to article 31 of the UN Convention stipulating that all children have the right to engage in play, organizes football events in Sierra Leone with a view to bringing together communities that have been torn apart by years of armed conflict.

The goal of the project, which provides training and empowers local actors, is aimed at promoting dialogue, tolerance and ultimately reconciliation among communities.

3 - Associação Humano Progresso Brasil


The initiative "Nova Geração Esporte Clube" (New Generation Sports Club), the first of its kind in the Novos Alagados slum (Salvador, Brazil), provides academic, medical and family support for children and teenagers in the area. By putting in place sporting activities (futsal and handball) within a structured environment, it has shown its capacity to address the needs of young people in the community.

Thanks to the involvement of families and enthusiasm of the children, the community leaders have themselves committed to the initiative by organizing a large football tournament in the streets of the slum.

Special Jury Prize

1 - Catch it!

This documentary film shot in Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and India shows how dance can educate, inspire and unite young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Catch It!" demonstrates this sport's capacity to provide an escape from harsh realities and give young dancers across the world real hope for a better future.


Sport and Dev

2 – sportanddev


"sportanddev", a website which started out as a simple database of organizations, has today become a unique international platform for exchange and information between all actors from the worlds of peace and development through sport.

Almost 5,000 members now make up the "sportanddev" community and in the ten years since its creation, the platform has become a front-line player in the peace through sport movement.
UN information centre

3 - Sport 4 Peaceful Elections


Following the crisis that took place during the 2007/2008 elections in Kenya, the United Nations Information Centre in Nairobi has developed an advertising campaign with a view to encouraging peaceful participation in the 2013 elections.

This message of peace has been relayed by Kenyan sporting personalities through information platforms, social media and poster campaigns, allowing them to rally support among fans and the Kenyan population.

Adapted Program of the year

1 – Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal

This organization has created an adapted version of cricket for visually impaired people and leads a program that is specifically tailored to women, enabling them not only to partake in physical activity but in particular to reintegrate into society through the granting of scholarships and assistance with job seeking.

This program not only supports women but also empowers them; both in the game and in their personal lives.


Ntola Sarama

2 -N’Tola Sarama Association


Developed in Mali, this pilot project aims to tackle a wide range of social issues by fostering economic growth through a footballtennis (futnet) program tailored to the participants' local environment.

The goal of the project is to create jobs through the use of local materials, to train women on the reuse of plastic waste and to encourage social entrepreneurship.
Sorciers Baseball Club

3 – Sorciers Baseball Club


Sorciers Baseball Club in the Ivory Coast is a leading example for the use of adapted equipment in a context where conventional items are hard to come by or unattainable due to cost.

Young players at this club have therefore learnt to make their own equipment using recycled materials.


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