Our Champion for Peace

Sarah Ourahmoune

I know that I have a duty to set an example and I take that on board. Throughout my career, boxing has educated me in its own way by transmitting values, and I realize the strength that this can bring. If today I can encourage young people to take up some form of sport, I will have achieved my challenge.








World Champion
Vice-Olympic Champion



Sarah Ourahmoune, a career that commands respect

In the final combat in her career, Sarah Ourahmoune won the silver medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The last accomplishment of a pioneering sportswoman.
An iconic representative of ‘Team Solide’ Sarah is an outstanding personality in the boxing world. A true ambassador of women’s boxing, this young mother held on to her Olympic dream and triumphed over prejudice.
An appointed government representative in Seine-Saint-Denis, her home constituency, she will open her own boxing club in Paris in September 2017. Deeply committed, she runs several projects for social reinsertion, people with disabilities and sexual equality.
In summer 2017, Paris2024 chose her to uphold the Olympic legacy which has the objective of investing in programs for young people in outlying districts of Paris. She’s joining the Champions for Peace club to promote sport as a tool for social inclusion.