Friendship Games African Great Lakes Region

Burundi - Democratic Republic of Congo - Rwanda

  • Countries:

    The Friendship Games are held each year in a different place between Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi

  • Dates:


  • Beneficiaries:

    200-250 children aged 9-18 participating per year

  • Project leaders:

    Peace and Sport and the Training Community Centres

  • Peace and Sport’s role:

    • Gather around 250 children from three countries for the Friendship Games.
    • Forge friendships and multicultural exchange between youngsters knowing the value of their cultural, ethnic and national origins.
    • Build sport equipment from local and recycled material based on our Sport Simple methodology.
    • Promote each country’s culture and folklore, through a cultural night.
    • Organization of the Friendship Games in collaboration with National Olympic Committees, national and international sport federations and Champions for Peace.
    • Coaching courses and peacebuilding seminars in several sports led by International Federations to children and trainers
    • Mobilization and participation of local authorities and political personalities

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Football, baby-foot, volleyball, athletics, basketball, table tennis, karate and judo, baseball5, rugby, teqball, boxing.

  • 250 children gathered every year for the event
  • Educators get to make bonds with children from historically rival communities
  • Experience competition and discover new sports
  • Educators increase their knowledge in sport disciplines and in peace building through sports
  • Promotion of Sport Simple Solutions

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