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Sport taught me about struggle, about victory and about freedom.

20/08/1996: Despite a tough path, Tahl Leibovitz won a gold medal during the Atlanta Paralympic Games. This award was the first of many more which would come during his long and successful career.
Leibovitz struggled with homelessness during his youth, dropped out of middle school and discovered table tennis during a program for marginalized individuals. He quickly developed a talent for table tennis and qualified to represent Team USA at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games.
Following his sporting success, he worked towards BA degrees in philosophy and sociology from Queens College in NYC. Tahl ultimately earned two master’s degrees. Motivated by his personal hardships he pursued a career in social work; driven to serve under-served populations such as homeless, addicted, aging and veterans. Along with his wife Dawn Leibovitz; Tahl founded “Project Table Tennis”: A series of ongoing projects centered around families and communities that uses Table Tennis to create meaningful relationships and dialogue between people.




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Paralympic Champion
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6 April 2017

UN Headquaters, New York

April6 – United Nations

Peace and Sport, toutlined its ongoing campaign for the development of peace through sport at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP).