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editorial Joel Bouzou
Edito Dear Friends,

2012 will go down in history as a key year for the peace through sport movement. For the first time in six years, the Peace and Sport International Forum was held outside its Monaco base, in the future Olympic city of Sochi, Russia. In hosting the event, the Russian State presented a new perspective to the peace through sport community: its wish to play a major part in the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is evidence of the resolve to use sports events as a tool for peace, which is fast becoming the future trend for the international sports movement.

We are delighted and proud to see more and more cities, regions and states on all continents following the example of Sochi 2014 and using major sporting events to reconcile divided communities. This is certainly the case for Medellin, in Colombia, candidate for 2018 Youth Games, and Côte d'Ivoire which wants to host the Francophone Games in 2017. And the Bosnian city of Sarajevo has just announced a joint bid with one of its suburbs in Serbia. Three candidates on three continents sharing the same vision of sport to bring communities together. These ‘candidates for peace’ reflect a growing worldwide awareness about the role that sport can play in countries with a need to rebuild their national identities.

Over the course of the last year, the peace through sport movement has taken a major step on the road to globalization. Our ideas are increasingly being incorporated into the decisions of political and sports leaders.

Next year, Peace and Sport will spread this message still further by holding its first Regional Forum in Dubai. A major milestone for the peace through sport movement, enabling it to gain momentum in the field by endorsing sport as a vehicle to help communities in need.

The Middle East is fertile ground for peace through sport as its inhabitants have much suffered over the last decades of conflict. In the wake of the Arab revolutions, the peace through sport movement aims to lay foundations to enable it to become even more influential.

Happy reading!

Sportingly yours,

Joël Bouzou,
President and Founder of Peace and Sport
President of the World Olympians Association (WOA)

Under the Spotlight

Peace and Sport named official charity of the Corporate Games in Abu Dhabi.

corporate games

Peace and Sport took a major step forward in Abu Dhabi, where it was the official charity of the 2012 Corporate Games held from 21 to 24 November. These three exceptional days rallied local and international businesses around sport and enabled Peace and Sport to announce its big ambitions for economic development and to shore up its base in the Middle East.

A unique global sporting event organized in more than fifty countries around the world, the Corporate Games are designed to enable men and women to represent the companies they work for in multi-sports competitions.

In all, nearly 2,500 men and women took part in the Games held in Abu Dhabi sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education and the Captain of the UAE national football team. Peace and Sport was requested by the Games’ organizer to introduce a dynamic of CSR through sport into the Games. 

The event also enabled Peace and Sport to strengthen relations with key sports intermediaries in the Middle East. After successfully initiating the Peace and Sport Table Tennis Cup in Doha in 2011, the organization wanted to go even further. To this end, the first Peace and Sport Regional Forum will be held in Dubai in April 2013.

Members of the private sector from the UAE showed a great deal of interest in the Dubai Regional Forum and has building the connection between sport, corporations and social development.

The success of this initial partnership between Peace and Sport and the Corporate Games in Abu Dhabi confirms the synergies that exist between the two entities and brings the promise of even more dynamic future collaboration.


Forum 2012 in Sochi
forum 2013

Since  its  launch  in  2007 by  President  and  Founder  Joël  Bouzou,  the  Peace  and  Sport International Forum has brought together representatives from governments, sports governing bodies, International Organizations, the private sector, and civil society from more than 110 countries in a neutral environment.

Placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, the International Forum has become a major international gathering which enables free and open dialogue among all participants.  The key objective remains to create a platform for international cooperation to develop concrete initiatives to put sport at the service of peace throughout the world.

One of the major conclusions of the 2010 edition was to organize Regional Forums to optimize coordination of action on a local scale.

Peace and Sport Regional Forums provide an opportunity to unite various different stakeholders from the same region in order to build bridges between communities through sport. In particular these Forums aim to: 

• Identify major issues affecting young people and highlight priority areas of intervention 
• Encourage dialogue so that appropriate solutions from sport can provide answers to regional needs
• Define practical intervention methods with the help of practical case studies
• Build a unique support network of individuals/organizations dedicated to peace through sport
• Initiate and consolidate partnerships to deliver sustainable outcomes

We are very honored and happy to confirm the organisation of the first Peace and Sport Regional Forum from April 23-24, 2013 in Dubai (UAE) in cooperation with Dubai Sport Council.

On the ground
Peace and Sport started its operations in Colombia in 2008 working next to the NGO “Colombianitos” to help build a sustainable peace through sport program. Since then, Peace and Sport has been working with a wide range of partners including community centers, National Sports Federations, the National Olympic Committee and  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Thanks to the help of its partners and especially several International Federations (FIDE, ITTF, BWF, etc.), ‘Colombianitos’ has introduced many new sports to high-risk communities where sport programs were most welcome by the youth.

The First “Copa Jiu-Jitsu por la Paz”

Ju-Jitsu In November 2011, Gregory Vallarino, Peace and Sport Champion for Peace, inaugurated the social responsibility program of the Colombian Ju-Jitsu Federation during Ju-Jitsu world championships in Cali. "Ju-Jitsu for Peace" aims at teaching martial arts values to the most vulnerable populations, especially to internally-displaced people, for the purpose of building greater social integration. 

Since then, a pilot project  has been developed in the heart of Ciudad Bolivar, the largest slum of Bogota. This program enables over 150 kids to practice structured and supervised Ju-Jitsu activities at least twice a week, with a methodology that also gives them access to basic education. At the end of November in 2012, the Colombian Ju-Jitsu Federation, with the support of JJIF and Peace and Sport, organized the first “Copa Ju-Jitsu por la Paz” bringing together kids from the most disadvantaged areas of Bogota around Ju-Jitsu values.


Opening of Five new  “Beisbol por la Paz” centers in San Bernardo del Viento

Beisbol por la Paz One year after the inauguration of the social responsibility program of the Colombian Baseball Federation supported by Peace and Sport, the IBAF and the NGO “Grupo Internacional de Paz”, we are extremely happy to announce that 5 new youth centers have opened their doors in San Bernardo del Viento, a highly volatile  part of the country. It's particulary encouraging to see the important duplication of such programs in this region, devestated by 35 years of paramilitary control. The situation today is more encouraging, and sport has demonstrated its capacity for bringing much needed structure to youth.


30 ex-professional French Rugby players in Ciudad Bolivar


Following the collaboration between Peace and Sport and the French NGO “Rugby French Flair”, at the end of November, 30 ex-professional French rugby players went to the heart of the slums of Ciudad Bolivar in Bogota to play rugby with over  150 children. An unforgettable experience for all involved!

Our partners in action
Interview with Colin Hames

Who are you and what is the JSCC?

colin hames

My name is Colin Hames. I was born in England but have lived most of my life in Israel. I am married and have three wonderful children. For most of my adult life, I have been working around the Israeli – Palestinian Peace Process so that when the chance arose, I established the Jerusalem Suburb Community Center (JSCC) six years ago. The JSCC gives services in neighborhoods of East Jerusalem that are within the municipal boundaries, but outside of the security fence built around parts of the city.

 What is special about these neighborhoods?
These neighborhoods are situated in what would be called by many, the "no man's land" between Israeli Jerusalem and Palestinian Ramallah. Some 120,000 people live in these small areas and most of them are from very low socio-economic classes. There is a serious lack of law and order in these areas and many gangs and criminals have a lot of influence in the neighborhoods.

So what does the JSCC do?
The JSCC runs two centers, one in kfar Akeb and the other in Ras Hamis. The centers hold activities for all members of the population, including women, youth, elderly, children with special needs and so on. We hold many different types of activities including education, sport, culture, art, religion, professional training, youth empowerment, environment and social services. We are in the process of starting projects for improving the infrastructure too.

What impact has Peace and Sport had on your activities?
The JSCC's association with Peace and Sport started five years ago. The lack of sport facilities in the neighborhoods forced me to find other ways to bring in sport as an educational system with rules and achievement. With the help of Peace and Sport, we bought Le Petit Tennis for young children and now we have projects for chess, table tennis and football. We use the sport activities to teach youngsters who live in a "lawless" environment to respect the rules of the game and at the same time, the trainers and educator are in touch with the children's lives and make sure that they keep up their studies. With Peace and Sport's help, we can give some of these children the choice, and chance, for a better future.

How did the latest military action around Gaza impact your activities?
In truth, it didn't directly affect our activities although, the Hamas militants tried to shoot rockets at Jerusalem for the first time over two days. No rockets reached Jerusalem, but the rockets that Hamas claimed were targeted at the Israeli parliament could well have hit the El-Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site for Muslims) which is not far away. Warning sirens were heard twice in the city and caused a lot of fear in the population.   I believe it could have a lasting effect on Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

A word from our Champions

Interview with Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier


In June 2011, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier became the first-ever Frenchman to complete the Triple Crown (World Series of Poker bracelet, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour titles).  ElkY is also a great champion in another context: a Champion for Peace. Recently, he set up a fundraising operation with in support   of  Peace and Sport field programs.

Spotlight on a champion unlike any other...

Why did you choose Peace and Sport as the beneficiary of the tournament?
Peace and Sport is an organization whose objectives really hit home for me. As I haven’t yet had the opportunity to raise funds for you on the ground , so it seemed natural to make an effort by organizing this tournament on PokerStars using an online format.
I’m delighted that it was such a success. The world of poker, in particular PokerStars, regularly supports humanitarian causes, but unfortunately this is not widely known.

What’s the craziest thing you would do to promote peace through sport?
A daredevil by nature, the craziest thing must be one that I haven’t yet thought of! Please give me your ideas. I love challenge!

Do you think that poker can help to bring divided communities together?
I think that poker especially is a game where you have to respect opponents and above all control your own emotions. In my view this is an important tool to promote the values of harmony and unity. As in all sports, respect for the rules and opponents is the basis of everything. The poker table is a good place to learn how to get along together. If there’s ever a territory where religion, race, skin colour, political opinion, age and sex don’t count, it’s poker!


Interview with Steve Mesler

What motivated you to join the Champions for Peace Club and support Peace and Sport?

colin hames

Having attended the last two Peace and Sport Forums I have learned the impact the organization is having around the world. I've met the athletes and the staff involved and was so impressed with their passion for the cause of sustainable peace through the sporting movement that I knew I had to be involved. I am truly honored to be a part of this amazing group of athletes and innovators!

Why or how do you think Sport can contribute to Peace?
My passion is connecting people, particularly young students. I believe that in the name of sport - whether it be active participation in sport or learning the principles of successful athletes- we can form connections between people around the world, and with thoes connections peace can be reached through empathy and understanding.

What is your ambition from this collaboration?
I look forward to helping Peace and Sport build their mission in the U.S. and see where their ideas and programs can help impact American youth.

I am also excited to utilize Peace and Sport's ideas, networks and resources to help build my passion project - Classroom Champions. Classroom Champions currently connects Olympians and Paralympians with students across America, fostering real relationships and connections on an ongoing basis with the use of communications technology. With the support of Peace and Sport, I truly believe that Classroom Champions can begin to connect students around the world with the top sportsmen and woment  for them to not only be inspired by, but to learn valuable lessons from. And with the connections that Classroom Champions fosters between various groups, I believe the Peace and Sport mission is certainly forwarded.

Inside Peace and Sport

Interview of Jose de Jesus


Tell us more about yourself
I am Jose de Jesus from Timor, 28 years old. I am the Founder and Director of Action for Change Foundation (ACF) in Dili, East Timor.  Our  objective is to give the most vulnerable people in East Timor access to peace education.

How are you linked to Peace and Sport?
I have been working with Peace and Sport since 2008 to use sport to address some of the issues that are faced by our people in volatile neighbourhoods. Peace and Sport and ACF have developed a “Peace through Sport Program” to give young boys and girls the opportunity to practice sport and learn the basic values associated with the practice of sport. We focus on social integration, fair play and the principles of peace education such as discipline, respect and tolerance. The program introduces peaceful, healthy recreational activities into disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. It aims to unite children to promote cooperation and positive self –expression, instilling self-confidence, hope, and fostering peaceful relationships between Timorese youngsters.

What have you achieved together?
Since 2008, over 4,170 kids from the poorest neighbourhoods in Dili have been able to play structured and supervised sport activities and learn and practice the values of sport. The program targets the most vulnerable children, the poorest of the poor, who usually live on the street. With Peace and Sport, young people have learnt that they don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to play sport but can play just as easily using their own creativity  and free local materials suc as plastic bottles, tyres, and cartons etc. to make sports equipment. We work in collaboration with National and International Sports Federations to do this.

On-behalf of Action for Change Foundation I would like to thank PEACE AND SPORT for our great cooperation over the last 4 years and I look forward to even better things in the future.

We like
Peace Day

New York Marathon 2012:
Team Peace and Sport comes to the aid of hurricane Sandy’s victims
The 2012 ING New York City Marathon, of which Peace and Sport is a registered charity, was scheduled for November 4 but was cancelled due to hurricane Sandy, which  left  a wake of destruction in the entire region. It was decided that it was best to cancel the marathon so that all available resources could be concentrated on recovery efforts.

The news came on Friday, 2 November at 5 pm, only 36 hours before the start of the race. Most of the members of Team Peace and Sport had already arrived in New York at that time and despite their disappointment, everyone understood the situation and the decision of the race authorities.

However, with the same enthusiasm they had put into their training, the Peace and Sport runners joined the relief efforts.  For several days they teamed up with the American Red Cross to deliver food, water and smiles to badly affected local communities in the downtown Manhattan area.
Although the marathon was cancelled, the runners still raised more than 40,000 Euros for Peace and Sport field projects. Thanks to their fundraising efforts several programs will benefit from their support in 2013.

We also like:

Novak Djokovic Foundation’s support given to Peace and Sport.



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