Awards 2010

thumb_trophy_award2010Launched in 2008, the Peace and Sport Awards have become one of the highlights of the Peace and Sport International Forum.


They reward sport initiatives and individuals who contribute to peace and social stability in the world, in areas that have been made vulnerable due to poverty, the aftermath of conflict or lack of social cohesion.


They reward the expertise of many different kinds of actors for sustainable peace through sport.


These initiatives help to highlight best practices and enhance experiences in the field to inspire others.


The Gala Evening of the Forum is host to the Peace and Sport Awards ceremony. This year it will be held on Thursday, 2nd December in the prestigious Salle des Etoiles in Monaco.


Six categories of projects are given prizes:

  • Best Project for peace from an International Sports Federation
    This award recognizes excellence from an International Federation which has put its sport at the service of social action, also contributing to the national development of the sport.
  • Sports Event for Peace of the Year
    This prize is awarded to an event demonstrating its ability to effectively promote a message of peace through sport and work in the long term towards peace in identified communities.
  • Award for the Non Governmental Organization of the Year
    This prize is awarded for an NGO which has demonstrated real expertise in using sport as a tool for peace education.
  • Award for the best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative
    This category was created to reward an international corporation which has particularly shown its citizenship by using sport as a tool for peace education.
  • Peace and Sport Image of the Year
    sportelThis prize is awarded for a photograph of fraternity in sport that has succeeded in integrating sport into the global agenda for peace.
    This award is given in partnership with SPORTEL MONACO.
    The Image of the year Award is announced at Sportel Monaco, the benchmark event for sports content in Television and New Media. It is thus revealed prior to the International Forum and is chosen by votes from the both the public and the jury before the other prizes.
  • NEW IN 2010: Special Jury Prize
    This award rewards creative initiatives (such as films, books, exhibitions, art etc.) which have helped to highlight the positive role that sport can play in sustainable peace in 2010.

The Jury

Prize-winners of the Peace and Sport Awards are chosen by a jury composed of eminent personalities invested at the highest level in activities to promote or to consolidate peace through sport.

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